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CHANGE: meanings found in Suffering!

In Daily Life Coaching on May 2, 2011 at 12:06 pm

To suffer physically from hunger or thirst or from humid heat or incapacitating cold is always painful, sometimes even fatal.  Also painful are physical handicap, accidents, illness, or operations people endure or experience.  If physical suffering can be avoided, it should be.  If it cannot be avoided, and for most people tha day ultimately comes when it cannot, the search for meaning related to unavoidable suffering is crucial for the courageous person.


  • “If I hadn’t given her one of my kidneys, she would have died.”
  • “Taking care of my mother in her final months gave our relationship new meaning.”
  • “When I hurt I can hardly stand it, yet I want to keep going for the sake of my kids.”

 Write down how you have known physical suffering personally, how you have experienced it with other people you know, or how you have observed it on the stage or on television.  How was it dealt with?  What meaning may have been found in the suffering?

  1. Experience of suffering.
  2. Responses to suffering.
  3. Possible meaning found.


( Taken from A new self – Muriel James – Louis Savary)


CHANGE – Meaning in positive experiences!

In Daily Life Coaching on April 30, 2011 at 8:05 pm

From time to time everyone enjoys positive experiences of love, truth and beauty.  These moments of beauty or relationships of  love transcend everyday experiences and add meaning to life.  Abraham Maslow calls these high points “peak experiences'” and suggests that self -actualizzing people enjoy them often and in different spheres of life.  Yet, each peak experience is unique.  Each is related to a concrete situation of love, truth, unity, beauty, or joy and laughter.


 – Seeing the first spring blossom popping open.

 – Loving and being loved by people who are important to us.

– Truth.

List some of the big and little positive experiences of love, truth, unity, beauty, or joy and laughter that have given your life meaning.  Select transcending experiences that are not directly related to your work, accomplishment, and or task.

  1. transcending experiences I have known:
  2. Who or what was actually involved?
  3. What meaning did the event have?


Tell me some of your experiences!

( taken from A new self – Muriel James – Louis Savary)

CHANGE – Meanings found in tasks!

In Daily Life Coaching on April 26, 2011 at 9:07 pm

Meanings found in tasks. 

People find meaning which makes sense to them in many different ways.

If your life is full of meaningless tasks, you either need to find value and meaning in them or change yourself or your tasks in some way.


  • Meaning in raising a family.
  • Meaning in the work they do.
  • Meaning in volunteer work.

( A new self – Muriel james – Louis Savary)

According to Viktor Frankl, these ways are expressed in three basic patterns:

  1. In creatively achieving a task, planning it, working on it, and completing it.
  2. In positive experience of love, beauty, or of knowing one or more person deeply in all their uniqueness.
  3. In coping with one’s own or others suffering when it cannot be avoided.


List some tasks you have done or observed other people doing that didn’t seem to make sense because they lacked meaning.  Do the same for tasks that have had meaning.  Explain why each of these tasks was with or without meaning to you.

  1. Tasks with little or no meaning.          No meaning because?
  2. Tasks with much meaning.                    Have  meaning because?

 Let me know what  this exercise did for you,

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